Gabrielle Vassallo (b.1994) is a multimedia artist, and creative designer and producer, based in New York City.

Vassallo grew up in La Jolla, California where she began practicing art. Through private sessions, she learned several mediums of art, including drawing, painting, pottery, and ceramics, with a dual focus in art history. Her exposure to such rigorous classes at a young age was a huge catalyst to start teaching, herself.

In Brooklyn, Vassallo taught Visual Arts for The Winchendon High School, where she honed in on student portfolio preparation for college applications. She also taught an after school program for elementary school students through the CDSC (Child Development Support Corporation.)

In her early years living in New York, she spent most of her time working for Ralph Lauren which played a part in her intrigue for authentic Americana. The Southern California influence, along with frequent travels to Texas and Mexico, opened her imagination to the vast and romantic topography of the Southwest. Vassallo’s work embodies the ruggedness of life outdoors, with a nostalgia for its calmness and beauty.